Seal It Green – FAQs


Green is our Non-Toxic wood sealer, it covers 100 to 200 square feet. Made of non-toxic ingredients this sealer will not harm your plants, people, or the planet. The Green sealer only comes in clear.

Xtreme is a more powerful formula that comes in 12 color tones, covers 400-600 square feet on soft woods and old wood. On new wood, hardwoods such as Ipe and Bamboo, it covers 600-800 square feet. On PVC the coverage is 600-1200, on composite the coverage is 400-600 square feet. The Xtreme fights against fungus and mold that will grow on your deck.

Yes with either the Green or Xtreme you can apply this one time, as long as you don’t mind your deck silvering in time, it will still greatly prevent the wood from twisting, cupping, checking, etc. A lot of architects like the aged wood look but don’t want to see their wood rotted and cracked. The green and Xtreme will accomplish this.

Xtreme wood sealers cover 400 to 600 square feet on soft wood and old wood. If the wood is dry then it will take in more sealant. On new wood, hardwoods such as Ipe and Bamboo, it covers 600-800 square feet.

Xtreme composite covers 400-600 square feet on composite. The coverage on PVC is 600-1200.

Green covers 100-200 square feet.

Green comes in clear only.

Microfiber brush, garden hose sprayer, airless sprayer, air sprayer, roller, paintbrush, Lambswool applicator, Shur-line Stain pad with groove tool.

If you are using the Xtreme product with a stain, it will blotch, but don’t fret, wait for the rain to stop and the deck to dry. Applying a thin coat will reactive the blotched areas and will become uniform again. If you are using Xtreme in clear, your deck will be fine unless it is a very hard rain. Applying a thin coat after the deck dries will make everything smooth again.

For our Green Sealants if it rains for a few minutes nothing needs to be done, if it is a heavy rain another application of a thin coat may be necessary.

For Green if your deck is in the heat of the day you can actually mist the deck down with water, the sealant will enter quicker. As long as there’s no puddles you can apply to a wet deck. Our Xtreme formula is opposite.

For Xtreme Sealants you cannot apply to a wet deck, the wood needs to be dry. This is the big difference between Green and Xtreme. Our other products such as Garden Box, Low Voc, and Zero Voc sealers need to be applied to dry wood as well.

For Xtreme

This will depend drastically on your environment, if you are in a low humidity and very high temperature area our product will dry in a couple hours. In high humidity, low temperature days the dry time could take 2-5 days. On wood surfaces, dry time takes about to 5 days to dry depending on the humidity and temperature. A couple hot dry days will dry your deck faster.

Green Sealer

Will dry within 24 hours.

For Xtreme Sealants we recommend applying 2 thin coats. Apply the first coat, let it dry, then apply the second.

For Green Sealants apply a thick coat “flood coat”.

We recommend using clear because our sealer will bring back 95% of the original color. If you want to completely change the color of your decking then you can use a tint, but keep in mind that you will have to keep up with the color and re-apply when it fades.

Unlike other companies our tints have a choice of sunblock of 55 spf, 65 spf, and 75 spf to prevent sun damage which causes wood to fade. The tint may fade depending on your environment. It could be one to 2 years the first time you seal, the second time it could be 3 to 5 years before reapplication because of the accumulative effect of the sealers properties. On vertical surfaces it can go for 5 to 10 years between coatings. If you don’t mind your wood fading out to a silver gray color, we recommend using a clear coat of our sealer to prevent future recoating.  If you stain the deck the closest color to the original deck color, even If the coating fades, our active sealant product remains actively in the wood protecting against rotting, cupping, twisting, warping, checking, and cracking. While with other coatings when the stain starts to fade you need to recoat right away because your deck is in jeopardy of mold growth, cracking, warping, checking, twisting, warping.

Rule of thumb: pick a color closest to the original wood color, if fading occurs you will not see a big color difference and you will have longer times between coats resulting in less maintenance.

When you break it down, our square foot coverage is 2 to 4 times more than other companies. Our products in many cases are less expensive because you don’t need to buy as much quantity. Our products last longer.