Seal It Green
Garden Box Non-Toxic Wood Sealers

Take the worries out of sealing your wood in your garden from toxic wood treatments. Our biodegradable nontoxic wood sealer penetrates deep into the core of the wood while stabilizing and controlling checking, cracking, cupping, warping, expansion, and contraction of the wood. Seal It Green Garden Wood Sealer protects against termites, bore beetles, and other pesky insects.

This product will keep your vegetables and plants safe for you and your family. Very easy application and clean up. Works on any wood, if you are using treated lumber this will control the leech of toxins out of that lumber.

For use on: Garden Boxes, elevated garden boxes, boxes cut in the ground, chicken coops, dog houses, and any wood structures in or around your garden

Just with one application will protect your boxes from years of rot and decay. Covers 200-400 Square Feet.

Seal It Green’s Garden Box Non-Toxic Wood Sealer is the best treated wood alternative for any and all your wood products, including Chicken Coops, Dog Houses, Children’s Play Areas, Garden Boxes, Deck, Dock, Fence, Siding and Exterior Wood Treatments.

Seal It Green Sealants are an Environmentally Safe Wood Treatment for Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Fir, etc.  Non-Toxic, Exterior Wood Waterproof Treatment that is safe for people, pets and the planet.

  • Treat your chicken coop, dog house, children’s play areas without worry of toxic chemicals
  • Repels water, insects and decay from wood
  • Arrests splitting, checking, cupping
  • Stops expansion and contraction of wood
  • Safe surface for children and pets
  • Stops toxic wood treatments from leaching into the ground and harming vegetation which is perfect for garden applications.
  • Easy application with a brush or a roller

Garden Box Wood Sealer