Seal It Green
Non-Toxic, Zero VOC, Sustainably Produced Wood Sealers
SEAL IT GREEN EXTREME PLANT BASED – This wood stabilizer, sealer and water proofer is non-toxic, plant based and incredibly high performance. No more toxic chemicals leaching into your soil simply because you want your wood protected. Seal It Green Extreme Plant Based is the most environmentally friendly, highest performing wood stain and sealer on the market. It is now available to homeowners, this one-of-a-kind product will finally give you the most effective protection you can buy.
Recent trends reveal that many homeowners are renovating their homes to incorporate deck spaces and micro farming (fancy word for garden boxes) into their life style.

Plant Based Extreme Productswill fully protect your out-door project against rot, warping, bending, twisting, termite attack and decay. Improved stability of your wood project means better overall appearance and improves the life of the wood structure. By using Plant Based Extreme Products you will reduce the cost of maintenance and the cost of replacement boards.

Over time, good old Mother Nature can destroy outdoor wood projects that are improperly protected and maintained. This is especially true in the deck, wood siding and log cabin industries. That’s why correctly stabilizing & sealing wood structures with a quality protectant followed up with a good maintenance program is so important. Cleaning an out-door structure every 2 to 3 years is very important to the overall appearance and integrity of the wood.

Our Plant Based Extreme products include: Plant Based Extreme Garden Box.

GREEN Non-Toxic Wood Sealants