Seal It Green XTREME Wood Preservative

Seal It Green plant based wood preservatives have shown their durability for over 30 years and going strong, It’s also manufactured in the USA and distributed World Wide. Seal It Green Plant Based XTREME is leading the industry in performance on raw, pressure treated and exotic wood types. It’s water resistance and dimensional stability is unmatched along with its ability to resist rot (caused by mold/mildew), warping, cupping and cracking.

Ideal Use Is On Decking, Siding, Tree Carvings, Docks and Fences.

Seal It Green XTREME Features:

It may be used on all types of hard woods and soft woods.
Excellent for Exterior applications.
Easy application not requiring any special primers or application tools.
For future coats only a simple wash down is required. There’s never a need to sand or strip ever.
Once applied the product is resistant to surface fungus and mold.
Liquid and gas phase water repellence.
Helps with the dimensional stability by deeply penetrating the wood to help control warping, cupping, and splitting.
Also very suitable as a clear coat with U.V. protection.
It is very easy to apply that anyone can do it. No need to hire a contractor in fear of doing a professional job, where there will be NO LAP MARKS and NO LAYINGOFF.
Great for use on Decking, Fence, Log homes, Shutters, Cedar siding, Outdoor Furniture and any other outdoor projects you may have.
With our Sun Block 55-65-and 75. Tints can be added in 17 different colors to enhance the natural beauty of the wood without hiding the grain.

Note:  Previously coated wood must have coating removed prior to application of Seal It Green XTREME.

Seal It Green XTREME – Extreme Bamboo Is the First Plant Based, Non-Toxic, Ultra-Low VOC (5g/L) To Have Built-In UV Protection.

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