Seal It Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer & Stain Treatment

Wood near or on the water demands more moisture control. While all of our products excel in this area, by popular demand we now offer Seal It Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer and Stain Treatment to protect your boat, dock, siding or other wood products from the damaging effects of water. When coating on all sides, Seal It Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer will penetrate to the core of any wood. In some cases, only a one-sided top coat for complete penetration is necessary.

The dangers of wood near water:

For those who like the fresh cut natural beauty of their wood simply applying a clear sealer may be a tempting option but over time it may not be enough. If you are faced with this decision it is important to understand the weathering process:

  1. Water accelerates wood damage.
  2. Water vapor is a key factor in marine wood damage.
  3. Water magnifies and reflects the sun increasing standard sun damage.
  4. Exposure to the sun will soon cause the wood to fade and turn gray or silver. This happens as the UV rays “bleach” the color from your wood.
  5. Wood that is sealed with a clear sealer will not retain its natural color for long.

Seal It Green
XTREME Marine Wood Sealer & Stain Treatment has you covered:

Our clear formula protects up to 30 SPF. It migrates and diffuses through the substrate while stabilizing and controlling the ingress and egress of water in liquid or vapor phase. Applying Seal It Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer early on will keep your wood stable by ensuring less checking, cracking, splitting, cupping and warping allowing it to maintain its beautiful, natural appearance with very little maintenance.  In fact, many manufacturers and distributors are now coating their wood with Seal It Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer before shipping it from their facilities.

If you want to maintain an even color over time you have to protect the wood with a pigmented stain. The pigments are designed to absorb or reflect UV rays much the way you use sun screen to keep from getting sun burned. If your desire is to keep your wood looking as natural as possible, select a color that is similar or lighter than your wood. This will allow the wood tone to last longer as it is close to the natural color.

  • For best results near water sealing the ends is recommended.
  • Protect all water sources from overspray contamination.


Seal It Green XTREME – the first and only company to offer up to 55, 65 and even 75 SPF to withstand the brutal effects of the sun.

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