Seal It Green XTREME Thermal Wood Sealer & Stain Treatment

Seal It Green XTREME Thermal Wood Sealer & Stain Treatment is specially formulated to fully penetrate thermal wood to the core, greatly reducing checking and splitting, with 5 standard colors increasing protection to 75 SPF.

Coverage is 400 sq ft. per gallon

Color Options:  Pico Bolo, South American Ipe, Heartwood, Ebony, Tiger Eye (See bottom of page for display)

Thermally Modified Wood Process:

  1. Drying sticks are placed between the layers of boards then moved to an oxygen-free chamber.
  2. Moisture is removed from the wood.
  3. The temperature is increased to 410 F, removing sugars and resins from the wood, collapsing the cells and fusing them togeth-er to stabilize the wood.
  4. The boards are reconditioned by slowly lowering the temp and reintroducing moisture back into the wood.

The entire process takes approximately 44 hours on southern yellow pine and longer on hardwoods. With the sugars and resins removed, there is no food source for bacteria to grow, preventing rot. When finished, there is a 4% to 6% moisture content, re-sulting in 20% weight reduction. This is all done with heat and water, similar to what a sauna does to the human body when it re-moves impurities from your Body.

A special thanks to EcoVantage of Indiana who allowed us to tour their facility. They pre-coat all 4 sides of their lumber directly after milling with Seal It Green XTREME Clear Thermal Wood Sealer.

Seal It Green XTREME Wood Sealants

Seal It Green XTREME Wood Sealants


Seal It Green XTREME – the first and only company to offer up to 55, 65 and even 75 SPF to withstand the brutal effects of the sun.

XTREME Thermal Wood Sealants