XTREME Thermal Wood Sealer – 1 gallon


Area Coverage is 400 Square Feet per Gallon

Clear – 1 gallon – $99.95
Tint – 1 gallon – $119.95

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XTREME Plant BasedThermal Wood Sealer

Area Coverage is 400 Square Feet per Gallon

XTREME Plant Based Thermal Wood Sealer is a stabilizer that is specially designed for exterior applications.

XTREME Plant Based Thermal Wood Sealer has been proving its worth as a wood stabilizer for over 30 years. Manufactured in United States, and distributed worldwide, XTREME Thermal Wood Sealer is used because of its durability around the world. XTREME Thermal Wood Sealer has proven to be an effective treatment for thermally treated exterior woods by providing unmatched water repellency and dimensional stability, as well as powerful mold and fungal resistance.  A range of tints are also available.

Instructions for Application:

  • Apply sealant with a sponge brush or microfiber pad.
  • Apply two thin coats.
  • Remove any excess sealer from surface after 15-20 minutes.
  • Sealer will take 1-3 days to dry depending on the weather.
  • Clean Up: Use hot soapy water to clean up brushes or messes. Allow rags or paper towels to dry before disposing.

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