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Tile & Grout Armor™ Heavy Duty Sealer

  • SEAL SMARTER. Breathe Easy Stain Block Technology. Powerful Professional Formula Without Toxic Fumes. Protect Grout, Marble, Ceramic, Mosaic, Stone, Granite & More
  • NON-TOXIC. Zero VOC, Water Based, Plant Based Surfactants, No PFOAS, No Flurochemicals, ZERO Toxic Solvents
  • STAIN BLOCK. No More Ugly Black Shower Stains, Food Stains In The Kitchen Or Dirt Stains In The Laundry Room. Blocks All Stain Types From Penetrating
  • EASY TO USE SPRAY FORMULA. Simply Pour Ready To Use Sealer Into A Spray Bottle Or Grout Sealer Applicator, Apply And Protect Your Grout For 5+ Years. The Spray Technology Means You Will Never Have To Get On Your Hands And Knees To Apply
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR PROTECTION. Keeps Your Indoor & Outdoor Grout, Tile, Granite, Pavers And Other Surfaces Stain Free
  • 400+SF COVERAGE. Industry Leading Coverage
  • MULTI SURFACE. Works Great On All Grout Types, Tile, Marble, Mosaic, Travertine, Natural Stone & Granite. DOES NOT CHANGE THE SURFACE AP