William Ragland

We recently used the Seal-It- Green Xtreme product to redo our 1200 sq ft TimberTech Composite deck with excellent results.

1. Product was very easy to apply to our deck.

2. After 24 hours it provided a great seal to the deck, water immediately puddled on the deck with no absorption into the deck material.

3. We ordered the product with a Chestnut tint and it provided an extremely even and beautiful color to the deck.

4. We applied it with a foam roller and brush and there were no roller or brush marks. The product applied very evenly, looks as good as the original TimberTech material. We applied the Xtreme product to 500 sq ft of our deck in 3 hours.

5. This is a DIY project that any homeowner can do with no concern about failure to do it right.

1. None at this time as we want to see how long the Xtreme product lasts on our deck. The original TimberTech material faded from a Teak color to a pinkish tan color in 3 1/2 years after installation. Hoping the Xtreme product will last at least that long or longer. Original cost of the deck was over $10,000 so $400 to refurbish it to like new condition is not a great expense.

Overall we are very pleased with this product and also the customer service provided by Seal-It-Green in assisting us in choosing the right product for our project. They were very patient and took the time to help us in our decision. Great Service and prompt shipping.

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