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4 ways to keep your composite deck clean during winter

When it comes to maintaining your home in the winter, landscaping is the first thing that comes to the mind. Nearly all of us think of trimming, pruning and other tasks. Only a realize how important it is to keep your deck clean. It is a pity.

Keeping your composite deck clean in winter is as important as landscaping. Taking care of your deck during the winter will prepare it for spring cleaning, which will ultimately keep your deck in shape and enable it to last for several years. The benefits are many but many homeowners avoid it because they think it is tough. It is not.

Composite deck cleaning prior to winter does not have to be tough. In this blog, we share with you four ways to keep your deck in top shape during the cold months.

Remove Dirt and Debris at Regular Intervals

Leaves, pine needles, and branches will gather on your deck during winter. Remove them all. You can set up a biweekly cleaning schedule and even consider cutting some branches. Not doing this will cause the dirt to build up and may cause mold to begin growing on the surface of your deck.  It may also obstruct ventilation if too much of it accumulates under the deck.  This may cause water to sit and mold to take hold.  After removing the loose stuff from your deck we recommend a quick rinse using Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner.

Eliminate Mildew as Soon as it Appears

Never let mildew grow on your deck. Overlooking the problem can lead to permanent damage. You can use Resist Mist’s Composite Deck Cleaner, mix it with water and spray the solution on to the mildew to remove it. Using home-based methods is not recommended because they do not always work. Also, using a pressure washer for removing mildew can cause lasting damage to your deck; your deck may not be able to bear the pressure you will be applying.

Remove Pots and Planters from the Deck

Setting your pots and planters straight on to your deck’s surface can cause staining. These containers usually have drain holes at their base. It means that some of the water you give to your plants flows out of these holes, comes into contact with your deck and stays there. There are two ways out of this problem. First, set pots in a wide container that is off the deck or use a pot caddy that can be found at any big box store. And second, you can the place where your pots are sitting once in a week with our Composite Deck 32 oz Spot Cleaner.

Use Your Deck in the Winter

You will not be inclined to do any of the activities we have mentioned so far if you are not using your deck. It is completely natural.  So, in order to encourage yourself to take care of your deck, start using it. You can barbecue or simply sit around an outdoor fireplace. Just keep the deck in use. It will prevent snow from accumulating and nudge you every now and then to keep your deck in shape.

Removing dirt, debris, and mildew, cleaning the place below the pots and using your deck are excellent ways to keep your composite deck in a good shape and prolong its life.