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Vinyl Renu Sample Try Me FAQ's

YES. It is important for the surface of your vinyl siding (or any surface) to be clean with no oxidation, dirt, pollen, etc.

About 20 min. or dry to the touch.

NO. The cleaner will do most of the work removing the oxidation.

Important. The siding needs to be clean of oxidation, dirt, etc. as well as vinyl siding cleaner.

Use a good quality paint brush. Most brushes made for paint will work well.

YES. Faded vinyl siding is pourus. The first coat will be mostly absorbed by the microscopic pores of the siding. The second coat really restors the faded color and helps protect it for about a decade (Vinyl Renu PRO comes with a 10 year warranty and traditional Vinyl Renu will last up to 10 years but without a warranty).

Vinyl Renu Try Me Kit restores vinyl siding 8 oz. Vinyl Renu and 8 oz. Cleaner