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Shortest ever guide to cleaning your wood deck just in time for winter

Wood decks may appear to be bulletproof but they are not. They need your help in surviving the onslaught of a harsh winter’s snow, rain, and freezing temperatures.

Keeping your deck clean during winter not only prolong its life but also keep your deck much easier to clean come spring.

Clearing off the dirt and leaves prevents bacteria from nipping away at the paint, stain, and wood which can create shallow puddles, which further hasten deterioration.

Thankfully, you can avoid these problems with Resist Mist’s DIY guide to “How To Clean a Wood Deck?”

In Resist Mist’s jargon, there are two kinds of cleaning:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

Surface cleaning is superficial. You grab your broom and wipe your deck clean. The broom removes all the leaves and tree branches and most of the dirt that has been accumulating on the deck. The results are visible instantaneously. And if you are like most people, you stop here.  While surface cleaning is the necessary first step in cleaning your wood deck, it does not constitute the whole process. For instance, you cannot remove mold and musty stains wielding a broomstick.

You need a deep cleaning for the long-term health of your deck.

Although the name may create thoughts of “oh great, an entire weekend spent cleaning my deck.” But not with a Resist Mist kit. With it, deep cleaning is not complex and you do not need any special tools.

Arm yourself with a Resist Mist All Purpose Cleaner, a garden pump sprayer, and a deck brush. Follow the instructions in this blog to deep clean your wood deck.  It is not the hard work but the technology used to Resist Mist products that earn the name deep cleaning. The science behind the cleaning mechanism is explained on (Science Nerds). It essentially says that the product’s Lift and Rinse Technology digs deep into the surface of your wood deck (thus, the name “deep cleaning”), removes stains, lifts dirt and grime and creates a clean surface. The real magic happens after the deck has been cleaned and dried.  Apply the Resist Mist Treatment (comes with the kit). This treatment helps provide a protective layer on the surface.

Once you have applied Resist Mist Treatment properly, you will have a microscopic layer of protection from mold, mildew and algae stains.

You can read more about Resist Mist here: