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Composite Deck Armor™ 600 SF Easy Clean Kit

Easy Clean Kit Includes:

  • Composite Deck Armor™ (Formerly Resist Mist) Sealer for up to 600SF 
  • 32 oz. of Powerful Renu Cleaner Concentrate makes up to 1 Gallon of Cleaner
  • Easy Attach 3" Drill Brush Attachment - Less Elbow Grease Needed
  • 2  Knee Pads 
  • 2 Nitrile Gloves

Composite Deck Armor™ (Formerly Resist Mist) Keeps Mold From Coming Back for 3+ Years

– Keeps Mold From Coming Back for 3+ Years

- Keeps Grease from Grill, Suntan Lotion Spray, Bug Spray From Staining Your Deck or Other Outdoor Surface
– Improves Stain Resistance Of Composite Decks.
– Water Based And Zero VOC’s.
– Lasts 3 Years Or Longer.
– Enough To Treat 600SF Of Composite Decking, Cement Sidewalks, Pavers, and more.

Why do the work every year when you don’t have to? Our powerful  Composite Deck Armor™ (Formerly Resist Mist) Cleaning and Treatment System packs a one-two punch. First, our 5 Star Amazon® Rated cleaner removes dirt, grease, mold and algae from many outdoor surfaces. Second, Composite Deck Armor™ (Formerly Resist Mist) Micro Encapsulation Technology KEEPS IT CLEAN FOR 3+ YEARS!