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Garden Box Armor™ Plant Based-FDA Food Contact Safe Raised Bed Garden Sealer

Black Lava


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Garden Box Armor™ Plant Based Wood Sealer Is A Clear Wood Stain Safe For Vegetable Gardens. It Creates A Nearly Maintenance Free Garden Box. No More Replacing Ugly Rotten Boards. Since It Is Plant Based And A Food Safe Clear Stain For Garden Boxes, No Toxic Chemicals Will Leach Into Your Soil.


    • PLANT BASED Garden Box Armor™ Sealer Deeply Penetrates And Bonds To The wood Fibers To Ensure The Wood Is Protected from UV, Water Damage And All Of Mother Nature's Fury.
    • FDA Food Contact Safe Ingredients. ZERO Toxic Chemicals.
    • LASTS 10+ Years.
    • PLANT SAFE and non-toxic. Plant Based, VOC Free Ingredients Seal And Protect All Wood Types.
    • POWERFUL PROTECTION Protects Wood From Cupping, Curling, Cracking, Water And UV Damage. Contains No Mineral Oils/Spirits Or Hydrocarbon Solvents.  Only Plant Based, Sustainably Grown, Ingredients.
    • DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY For Use On Organic Garden Boxes, Elevated Garden Boxes And Anywhere Food And Flowers Are Grown.
    • PET SAFE FORMULA. Because Garden Box Does Not Use Toxic Chemicals It Is Ideal For Chicken Coops, Dog Houses, And Any Wood Structures Used For Pets. Also Great For Deck Planter Boxes.

    How is Garden Box Armor™ Plant Based Wood Sealer Smarter?

    Since it uses FDA food contact safe, plant based ingredients it will not contaminate your garden with any toxic chemicals. Take the worries out of sealing your wood in your garden from toxic wood treatments without compromising performance.  In addition to the above benefits, Garden Box Armor:

    • LASTS longer than any product we have tested on the market (including the toxic stuff).
    • DEEP Penetrating.
    • EASY to apply and clean up. Simply clean applicators and rags immediately after using with warm soap and water. Lay flat outside to dry and done.
    • BIODEGRADABLE FORMULA means it is safe for the environment. Even if you accidentally spill some.
    • MAKE THE NEIGHBORS JEALOUS by having a beautiful looking garden all while knowing your plants, fruits and vegetables are safe from toxic chemicals.
    • CLEAR WOOD STAIN SAFE FOR VEGETABLE GARDEN. Clear and enhances the beauty of whatever your choice of wood for your garden beds.
    • COLORS AVAILABLE. Want to put a beautiful color on your wood. Our pigmented food safe stain for planter boxes/gardens is available by contacting us via email or phone.

    So for a garden safe wood sealer Garden Box Armor™ Plant Based Wood Sealer  is the smart and only choice.

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    Is Garden Box Armor A Food Safe Stain For Planter Boxes?

    Yes.  All of the ingredients in Garden Box Armor (also called Garden Box) are FDA food safe.  So no toxic chemicals will leach into the soil because the product contains no toxic chemicals.

    Can I Use Garden Box Armor In My Vegetable Garden?

    Yes. It is a clear wood stain safe for vegetable gardens or fruit gardens. 

    What Makes Garden Armor A Food Safe, Garden Safe Wood Sealer?

    Simple. It does not contain any toxic chemicals and bonds to the wood fibers which may also prevent or minimize toxic chemicals from pressure treated wood from entering your soil.  All ingredients are FDA food safe. 

    What If I Want A Pigmented Wood Stain Safe For Vegetable Gardens?

    No Problem. All the colors for our Total Wood product are available upon request for our Garden Box Armor. Email or call us and let us know which color you want.

    How Many Coats Should I Apply?

    1-3 Depending on how porus the wood. Always ensure to wipe off excess sealer before it dries. Very important step.  You can apply additional coats after waiting about 30 min from the previous coat.

    How Do I Clean Up?

    Warm water and soap. It's simple. Do it immediately after using before it dries and always lay flat outside to dry. Never throw away used rags or application tools without cleaning first.

    What Are The Best Uses?

    Wood stain safe for vegetable gardens. Food safe stain for planter boxes. Garden safe wood sealer. Even dog houses and chicken coups. FDA food safe ingredient wood sealer.