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Get The Most Out Of Your Vinyl Renu Sample

1. Choose the sunniest side of the house or where the siding is the most faded.

2. Dilute Renu Cleaner 5:1 with water

3. Use a gentle abrasive sponge or rough terry cloth rag to scrub off oxidation from siding

4. Rinse and allow siding to fully dry

5. Use a quality brush and apply two heavy coats. The second coat can be applied in about an hour or after the first coat is dry to the touch.

Vinyl Renu® Siding Restorer

RESTORES ORIGINAL COLOR AND LUSTER To Faded Vinyl Siding, Metal Siding/Roofing, Hardie Board And Even Stucco. Also Great For Garage Doors, Front Doors, Mailboxes, Decorative Lighting And More. Immediate Results.

POWERFUL UV PROTECTION Keeps Your Siding From Fading Or Oxidizing And Looking Just Built For 10+ Years. Vinyl Renu Will Also Keep Ugly Stains Off Your Siding And Outdoor Surfaces. No More Annual Pressure Washing



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