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Science Nerds

Science Nerds

We are working on this section. As science nerds, we are so busy running experiments that we haven’t given our marketing team a fancy explanation of how to Resist Mist™and Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner™ work. Here’s the bottom line: they outperform everything else on the market. We will get around to doing some scientific drawings or maybe shoot a video with supercool science soon. But, if you clicked on this page, you want a little more now. So here it is:

Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner™: For a cleaner to really work, it must penetrate. We use a proprietary blend of non-ionic and cationic surfactants to really lower surface tension. This allows our other proprietary ingredients to dig in and lift stains so you can rinse them away easily. Marketing calls it our Lift and Rinse Technology™. We call it surface tension manipulation via molecular ionic interaction.

Resist Mist™: So marketing came up with a fancy term; “Micro Encapsulation Technology™.” We are actually impressed with that. Resist Mist™ protectant works by creating a covalent bond (two items share an electron and become one item) with the surface. This allows the inorganic chemistry of Resist Mist™ to produce an environment that keeps even the worst types of stains from coming back by creating a type of nearly impenetrable barrier. 

Sorry for not providing more science. We will shortly.

If you’re too excited to wait, please email us at and request a chat with a science nerd.