Seal It Green Wood Sealers, wood stains, wood treatments, and wood preservatives have continuously shown their durability for over 30 years. It’s also manufactured in the USA and distributed worldwide.

Seal It Green XTREME Bamboo Wood Sealer & Stain Treatement has also been proven to be a very effective treatment for exterior bamboo. Its water repellence, dimensional stability and powerful mold and fungal resistance is unmatched in this all-in-one product. For use on decking, siding, furniture, fences and laminated structural members.

In bamboo manufacturing it’s known that 90% of other coatings act like a fertilizer for mold and fungus on bamboo. Seal It Green XTREME Bamboo provides the solution.

Seal It Green XTREME Bamboo Wood Sealer & Stain Treatment:

  • Seal It Green XTREME Bamboo Sealer & Stain Treatment applied in the factory is the first solution. (Additional coats after installation or delivery are necessary for exterior applications.)
  • Easy application; no special primers or application tools required.
  • For future coats only a simple wash down is required. There is never a need to sand or strip.
  • Additional coats are beneficial; no build up worries.
  • Liquid and gas phase water repellent.
  • Helps with the dimensional stability by deeply penetrating the Bamboo. Also helps prevent fungus-causing sugars and starches from leaching.
  • Very suitable as a clear coat with U.V. protection
  • Easy application; NO LAP MARKS and NO LAYING OFF worries.       
  • Great for use on decking, fence, log homes, shutters, cedar siding, outdoor furniture or any other outdoor projects.
  • Up to 55, 65 and 75 SPF.
  • 17 different color tones  can be added to enhance the natural beauty of the wood without hiding the grain.

Note:  For best results, pre-clean with Seal It Green Bamboo Clean.


Seal It Green XTREME – Extreme Bamboo Is the First Plant Based, Non-Toxic, Ultra-Low VOC (5g/L) To Have Built-In UV Protection.

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