EXTREME Plant Based Marine – 5 Gallon


Area Coverage is 400-600 Square Feet per Gallon
– Protects Against Rot
– Protects Against Cupping/Curling
– Protects Against Cracking
– Protects Against Bug Damage
– Designed For Use On Wood Around Water

Black lava

XTREME Marine Wood Sealer

Area Coverage is 400-600 Square Feet per Gallon

Seal it Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer formula is your best in wood treatment in all Marine applications, including interior and exterior wood on your Boat, Docks, Piers, Decks, and much more.

  • Treat your deck one time for 10+ years of wood preservation
  • Treat pre or post construction
  • Repels water, insects and decay from wood
  • Arrests splitting, checking, cupping
  • Stops expansion and contraction of wood
  • Apply with a garden type compression sprayer
  • Treated wood can be stained or painted
  • Encapsulates toxic wood treatments on existing construction

Seal it Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer is a 10+ year treatment. The ultimate in WOOD PRESERVATION. This dynamic product triggers the early stages of WOOD PETRIFICATION. Seal it Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer is a PENETRANT, not a coating. Treat your OLD OR NEW deck, dock, fence, log structure, outdoor furniture, equine center and any other wooden construction with this dynamic solution. Seal it Green’s unique penetrating ability gets to the core of the wood and delivers a water, insect and decay proof treatment that will eliminate splitting, checking, cupping and expansion or contraction of the wood. Fastener rejection is eliminated. Strength is increased by fiber and cellular adhesion. STOPS DECAY AND ROT IN EXISTING STRUCTURES. Seal it Green XTREME Marine Wood Sealer provides protection in below zero to 130f degree temperatures and can be used inside or outside.

Instructions for Application:

  • Apply sealant with a sponge brush or microfiber pad or garden hose sprayer.
  • Apply two thin coats. Let first coat dry then apply second coat.
  • Sealer will take 1-3 days to dry depending on the weather.
  • Clean Up: Use hot soapy water to clean up brushes or messes.

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Weight 8 lbs
Choose Your Tint

Clear, Black lava, Cedar, Gunstock, Redwood, stone, Walnut


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