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3 reasons to clean your composite deck regularly

Just as you shower every day to keep you fresh and hygienic, your composite deck needs periodic cleaning to stay in good shape. Your decks bear a lot. Dirt, pollen, rotten leaves, broken branches, spilled wine, kids dropping their donuts and more. If you do not remove that dirty stuff at regular intervals,  mold and algae will make your deck their home making it unsightly and even shortening the deck’s lifespan. But cleaning your deck does not have to be a huge chore.

Composite deck cleaning is not difficult if you do it systematically and at regular intervals. It can prolong the life of your deck and postpone their replacement, saving you  quite a lot of money. And these are not the only reasons to invest in composite deck cleaners and sealers. Here are the top six reasons to clean your deck periodically:

It Will Increases Your Deck’s Life Expectancy

Accumulated dirt and leaves and standing water on your deck can damage it in two ways. First, rotting leaves and pine needles can reduce your deck’s life. Second, stubborn dirt demands drastic cleaning measures which will compromise your deck’s surface integrity.

Stain Removal is Easy if Done Quickly

Did you spill your wine or coffee on the deck?  Was last night’s party a little too much fun? Whichever it is, the smart way is to clean the stain immediately. Any delay can make the stain permanent itself to your deck. So, do not wait until the end of the winter. Get Resist Mist’s Composite Deck Cleaner in the new easy spot cleaner trigger sprayer.  Simply treat the areas with the stain, rinse and be done. It will be a thousand times easier than fighting against a stubborn stain later.

Your Deck Looks Awesome

An awesome exterior can increase the value of your house by more than 10 percent. This means you cannot overlook your deck’s cleaning if you want to sell it. Even if you are not in a mood to sell your property, you can impress your neighbors and yourself by having an immaculate deck.

Do not wait until the end of winter to clean your deck. Clean it regularly to increase its life and make it look good and stain-free.