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Zen and the art of composite deck cleaning

No one should think of composite deck cleaning as a chore. It can be a form of meditation and that can turn you into a prosperous, healthy and happy person. Don’t believe me? Read these four ways cleaning your deck will change your life.

1. Prosperity, or its absence, is often at the root of several kinds of dukkha (suffering). Cleaning your deck can keep prosperity on your side. Think about it: How much can you save by not replacing your deck every few years? The figure will be such a huge number over your lifetime that it will make you unhappy. Do not let outside factors control your happiness. Clean your deck to prolong its life. You can save quite a lot, be prosperous and happy.

2. Illnesses are a better bigger cause of dukkha than a lack of wealth. You can always console yourself by devising strategies to earn and be prosperous. But to be in bad health can be truly depressing, especially when you have no control over it. A deck full of dirt is home to many kinds of bacteria. Some of the bacteria can make you unhealthy and sad. Clean your deck to remove the bacteria. You can stay healthy.

3. Aesthetics plays a big role in our lives. Maslow puts an appreciation for beauty to the top of his famous pyramid, suggesting that beauty will make a healthy, prosperous (not filthy rich) person—like most Americans today—happy. A corollary of his theory is that dirt and filth should appall us, which is true. Most of us find a lack of cleanliness disgusting. And if you are one of us, then clean your deck. It will make the surface pretty and you happy.

4. Nature can make you happy. But it is not possible to be in communion with nature in many of America’s large cities; going to wooded areas usually takes many hours of drive. An alternative can be to dine on your deck and watch the sunset. Little things like this can fill you with happiness. But do you think it is possible to dine on a dirty deck? No, it is not. So clean it regularly and relish in the little things nature showers at you to make you happy.

If you want to be happy, prosperous and healthy, do not ask if but how to clean your composite deck.

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