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Four killer tips to keep your deck always clean

Congratulations! You have cleaned your deck for Thanksgiving or prepared it for winter. Wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! But have you given a thought to what will happen to your composite decking once the harshness of winter takes over? What steps you should take to keep your decking clean for months and years to come?

Your decking is a great asset. It characterizes your home and your lifestyle. It gives you the pleasure of enjoying afternoons outdoors without giving up the comfort of your home. And with a popular deck garden to accompany it, your composite deck can be the perfect place to read. But you cannot enjoy any of it if your deck is not clean. This blog provides four killer ways to maintain the look and health of your composite deck with minimal maintenance.

Let’s dive in.

Rinse Your Deck with Composite Deck Cleaner Every 60 Days

This may not be the ideal solution everywhere, particularly in California where a drought is forcing people to change their lifestyles. But if you live in a region without drought, make it a habit to rinse off your deck every couple of months. Unless the deck has mold, mildew or other stains, a simple rinse with a garden hose will help keep any mold spores from taking root. It will also help keep dirt and pollen from being ground in. If you are like us alike your deck spotless, you can spray diluted Resist Mist’s All-Purpose Deck Cleaner on your deck prior to rinsing.  It has two advantages. First, it will remove all the stains before they have time to entrench themselves. If you have not already done a complete spring clean and Resist Mist Treatment application then we strongly suggested following the instructions online, in our other blogs or give us a call. The Resist Mist Treatment makes future deck cleaning a breeze. It will also add a type of invisible protective layer on composite decks. 

Keep Excess Water off Your Deck

If you have sprinklers in your garden, keep them as far away from your deck as you can. Sitting water can damage your deck’s surface.

Clean Under Pots

It’s important to periodically clean under the pots on the deck. This will help prevent staining.

Remove all Debris

A broom or blower works fine. Keeping leavings and other organic debris off your deck will also minimize staining and the growth of mold, mildew, and algae.

Finally, a good cleaning and application of Resist Mist Treatment (if you have not already done so) will help protect your deck during the winter. If possible, we suggest blowing snow or debris off the deck at least once during the winter.