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Shutter Renu – Application Steps Vinyl Shutter Restoration

Vinyl shutters lose their color and beauty over time. This leaves homeowners feeling like they have to either live with unsightly shutters or spend a lot of money to replace them. So the question most often asked is “Can I restore my faded shutters?” Shutter Renu is a specifically formulated, low VOC, water based shutter restoration product that will restore the color, shine and newness any faded vinyl shutter. Here are few tips for using Shutter Renu to restore the color and protect surface from further degradation –


  • Analyze the working area. If using a ladder, ensure it is on flat, solid ground and someone is there to hold the ladder steady. In addition, ensure proper ventilation and airflow. If you have sensitive skin we recommend wearing latex gloves.
  • Since Shutter Renu is not paint and dries clear, removing the shutters or taping them is not necessary. Remember though, Shutter Renu will restore any faded surface so if your siding is also faded we recommend being careful around the shutter’s edges. Or, why not buy Vinyl Renu ( and restore your whole house, including the shutters, vinyl windows, awnings, and doors!
  • Using the professional grade cleaner that came with your kit, clean your shutters well ensure that the cleaner completely rinsed. We recommend watching one of the how-to videos on
  • Using a high quality brush, apply Shutter Renu with the grain of the shutters. Ensure there are no bubbles or foam in the corners. If so, remove them with a rag before they have a chance to dry.
  • Shutter Renu will be dry to the touch in about 30 minutes. A second coat can be applied once the shutters are dry.
  • Shutter Renu is the original shutter restoration product and uses the latest aerospace and marine grade technology to restore and protect your shutters. In a morning, you can have new looking shutters for a fraction of the cost of replacement shutters which will fade in a few years anyway. So beautify your home now with Shutter Renu.
  • Use extra Shutter Renu to restore painted metal surfaces like mail boxes and patio furniture!