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Causes for Degradation of Vinyl Shutters and Its Optimum Solution

As a leader in the vinyl siding and shutter restoration industry, we have been creating products that assist property oweners maintain the beauty of the property with easy and cost effective products. Our products help people restore the original appearance of their vinyl siding and shutters. We often are asked “why did my shutters fade?” So lets take a look why.


The answer to the question above is quite simple and easy. Mother Nature. Mother Nature throws many things at our shutters; UV rays from the sun, acid rain from pollution and cold and hot temperatures. These cause everything exposed to the elements to fade and degrade.

Once the vinyl shutters are exposed to moisture, pollution and UV light, they begin to deteriorate and fade. The primary mechanism is called oxidation. Vinyl shutters are made via a molding process. Polymers are heated until they are liquid and then shot into a mold, cooled and released. A number of different polymers used to create shutters. The chief polymers used in their manufacture include PVC, Poly Styrene and Poly Propylene. After the oxidation, the polymers begin to show microscopic cracks called microcrazing. This further degrades the shutters as well as grabs the light, bounces it around the cracks and this give the appearance of fading. This process can also lead to chalkiness on the surface. This substance generally consists of fillers, polymers, damaged pigments or titanium dioxide.

With the help of Shutter Renu, any individual can clean the vinyl shutters using the professional grade cleaner that will get rid of the oxidation, algae, mold, mildew and bug sprays, etc. Once clean, the Shutter Renu restorer can be applied which will fill in those cracks, restore the color and resist future damage to the shutter for up to ten years. Shutter Renu is very easy to apply and a typical home can have new looking shutters in an easy morning project. As an additional note, Shutter Renu and the cleaner are environment friendly, low VOC and water based.