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Vinyl Renu – the Secret to Enhancing the Beauty of Your Faded Vinyl Siding

Homeowners can now restore the beauty of their faded vinyl siding just like the pros. Vinyl Renu is now available to the DIY’er in an easy and useful Do-It-Yourself kit. Vinyl Renu has been trusted by major vinyl siding manufacturers and professionals for years. With millions of square feet of vinyl siding restored to the original beauty, Vinyl Renu is regarded as one of the most trusted products in the siding industry. The product is by far the best option to easily restore faded vinyl and metal siding. Individual property owners can now purchase Vinyl Renu so that they can easily restore the beauty of their property themselves.

Faded Vinyl Siding

The restorative effects of Vinyl Renu can be seen as soon as the product dries (to the touch in about 20 minutes). The faded appearance disappears as the original color of the siding shines through. Anyone can now purchase a DIY kit from the link below. Each kit includes the best vinyl siding cleaner on the market as well as the Vinyl Renu restoration product.

Vinyl Renu will restore the beauty of faded vinyl siding as well as protect it against future fading for up to ten years. It also protects against mold, algae and mildew staining.

Vinyl Renu is easy to apply with a brush or an airless sprayer and dries clear in as little as 20 minutes. It is low V.O.C and is not harmful to the environment. Don’t Replace. Don’t Paint. Restore your faded vinyl siding.