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neSource Organics Purchases Seal It Green’s Assets

Existing customers of both companies will have more choice in buying environmentally-friendly home improvement products.

Warminster. May 19, 2017. Pennsylvania-based manufacturer and supplier of vinyl siding, shutters and composite decking cleaners and protectants, OneSource Organics (OSO), has purchased the assets of Seal It Green (SIG), a world leader in plant-based and green deck sealers and wood preservatives in Michigan. The purchase will prove beneficial for the current and future customers of OSO and SIG because property owners will have a greater choice in environment-friendly home improvement products.

“The unfortunate passing of our owner left us without a leader,” said a Seal It Green representative. “It was then that Richard Winget of OneSource Organics offered to buy our assets and provide us with new leadership. We are excited about continuing the work that our founder began.

Seal It Green is famous for its no-VOC, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced raw materials. Its most sought after product is their Seal It Green, Plant Based Extreme. A zero VOC, plant based wood sealer with a performance life of up to 10 years. . SIG was one of the first and only wood sealer/preservative companies to offer sustainable, plant based products that outperform nearly every product on the market. “Most people have the perception that plant based or non toxic chemistries don’t work as well as their counterparts.” said Richard Winget. “We have turned that idea upside down.”

“We are a company of families creating products for families,” said OneSource Organics’ CEO, Richard Winget. “We believe in creating powerful cleaning and restoration products that are environment friendly and that significantly reduce yearly home maintenance.. When we saw Seal It Green’s portfolio, we knew we had found a soulmate.”

Seal It Green also has a large client base that can benefit hugely from OSO’s offerings, and vice versa.

“Imagine,” adds Richard Winget. “Here we manufacture siding and shutter cleaners and restorers and they excel at producing wood sealants. Merging the product lines allows our customers and theirs to purchase products that will clean, restore, protect their entire home or property. It allows us to offer a whole house beautification line. ”

OneSource Organics is gearing up for tremendous growth and is now searching for strategic partners in North America and around the world to distribute their line of cleaning, restoration and protection products.

About OneSource Organics

OneSource Organics, Inc. are the developers and manufacturers of many award winning products that have been featured on TV and that are recommended by major building products manufacturers. Their products include Vinyl Renu and Shutter Renu for restoring color to faded vinyl siding and shutters while protecting them for an industry leading 10+ years. They also developed and manufacture Resist Mist which is a true, maintenance reducing product designed to eliminate and keep black spots off of composite decking Resist Mist also keeps dirt, oil, algae, mold, black streaks and most stains off all types of exterior surfaces including cement, roofing, siding, decking and more.

OneSource Organics is committed to keeping Vinyl Renu, Shutter Renu, Resist Mist and Seal It Green available to DIYers and property owners. They are also have Pro versions of each of their products. The pro line will be offered almost exclusively to the professional trade and will come with improved longevity, ease of use, support, discounts or other value added features

“We are absolutely committed to improving our offerings for the professional trade. Our products improve both revenue and profit for our professional customers. Most of our professional customers see growth in profit and sales without any additional advertising. Helping our professional customers grow their business with our products, now that’s awesome” says Richard Winget, Founder of OneSource Organics, Inc.