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OneSource Organics Announces Trademarking of Liquid Capstock™

DOYLESTOWN, PA – OneSource Organics, Inc. announces that it has trademarked the name Liquid Cap Stock™.  OneSource Organic’s scientists developed Liquid Cap Stock™, a field-applied, color-matched product for the end cuts of building products.   This extremely-water-resistant, durable product treats and seals PVC and Wood Composite decking.  Liquid Cap Stock™ matches the color of deck boards, providing an aesthetically pleasing end cut.

Richard Winget, President of OneSource Organics, explains that the color of a deck board lies mainly in the first ¼” or less of the board.  When a cut is made, the core of the board shows and can be unsightly.  Application of Liquid Cap Stock™ creates an even color match, while its highly weather-resistant chemistry provides a nearly impermeable barrier. The result is a beautiful, protected deck board which customers enjoy for years.

Mr. Winget states that technology in the engineered-decking space has become very high tech, and that manufacturers have done an excellent job in engineering high tech decking.  When a consumer compares the value proposition of engineered decks versus wood decks, the decision to purchase a PVC or Wood Composite Deck becomes glaringly obvious.  Liquid Cap Stock™ was designed to complement both PVC and Wood Composite Decking.  Liquid Cap Stock™ has undergone extensive testing and is available in single colors and contractor quantities.

OneSource Organics is a worldwide leader in technologies development for the building and construction markets.   Their products are highly scientific yet very user-friendly.  OneSource Organics developed the incredibly popular Renu brand of restoration chemistries for faded and weathered siding, shutters and most any outdoor surface.  They are also the developers of the incredible DeckMAX line of products for the cleaning and maintenance of engineered PVC and WPC decks.  Their products have been seen on TV, both in the United States and in Canada.  “We are passionate about developing products that help property owners maintain or increase the value of their properties” states Richard Winget, President/CEO.