Seal It Green XTREME Plant Based Total Wood Treatment and Stain

Applying Seal It Green XTREME Plant Based early on will keep your wood stable by ensuring less checking, cracking, splitting, cupping and warping allowing it to maintain its beautiful, natural appearance with very little maintenance.  In fact, many manufacturers and distributors are now coating their wood before shipping it from their facilities. (For best results, it is recommended additional coats be applied once the wood has been installed or utilized for its intended purpose.)

  1. Easy application. Even if you have never stained before.
  2. Easy maintenance: after initial application/applications, it can be re-applied after just a quick rinse. NO MORE POWER WASHING.
  3. Lasting UV protection.
  4. 6 color choices.
  5. Guaranteed to never peel or flake.
  6. Can be used on any species of lumber, both hardwood and softwood.
  7. Highly resistant to unsightly fungus and mold.
  8. Decay and rot resistant while minimizing cupping, twisting, checking, cracking, warping.
  9. Powerful insect repellant including termites.
  10. Great for siding, decking, fascia, fences, outdoor furniture (wood), lam beams, log homes and just about anything made out of wood not previously coated.

Note:  Previously coated wood must have coating removed prior to application of Seal It Green XTREME Plant Based.


Seal It Green XTREME Plant Based gives natural, effective UV protection to withstand the brutal effects of the sun.

XTREME Total Wood Sealants